Talent Selection



Digitalize your talent selection process and identify the right person for the job.
Optimize time and reduce your talent recruiting costs.

Identifies values and behaviors important for your candidates as well as their potential and possible risks. Our evaluation is done in our platform, it is brief, non-invasive nor discriminatory therefore allowing you to:

· Know your candidate’s best skills.
· Identify potential risk factors.
· Identify your candidate’s potential.
· High volume of candidates
· Brief, non-invasive and non-aggressive evaluation.
Background Check

Important information from your candidate’s backsgound that can help you make the right decision for your company’s best interest.

In only 24 hours you can have all the information you need to know:

· Criminal Background.

· Legal Background.

· Social Check.

· Residential Check.

· Credit Risk.

· Work History.

People Analytics

Transform your selection process into the digital era with our platform.

Evaluate your candidates without leaving home

Intelab® provides you with a system that allows you to evaluate and select the most suitable candidate for the position you require, without leaving your home.

Transform your talent selection process and reduce time and money.

Transform and reduce time in you talent selection process so you can obtain thorough knowledge of candidate’s soft skills, risk factors and generate data to build intelligent models that can make your tool more intelligent and help you select the best candidates possible automatically.

Through the use of AI,we generate models that help companies with specific needs such as identifying behavior patterns that help or can affect your business as well as make your tools more predictive and efficient.

High Potentials

Identify High Potential employees and follow up on their evolution as they progress in your organization.


Asses on time how and when your employees are stressing of having problems.

Position Assessment

We configure your position risk factors according to your campany’s needs.


Locate risk and colussion among members of your organization to prevent ilicit behavior.

Generating and Using Data

Anticipate new risk factors using data obtained by our evaluations.

Follow Up

Anticipate new risk factors using data obtained by our evaluations.