People Analytics®

Contrasta el antes y el después de tu personal para detectar indicadores que hayan aumentado o disminuido su potencial de talento y riesgo.

Reduce la rotación de personal.

Minimize human risk factors

We have:

  • Evaluated more that 1 million people.
  • State of the art technology.
  • Inmediate and precise reports.
  • Data feedback options to help personalize your profiles.
  • Over 95% effectiveness in our results.



Our platform determines the state of the organization (people wise), or specific areas or positions. Through our system our clients can have a clear picture of their company and identify problems such as:

· Integrity risks.
· Turnover rates.
· Organizational Environment.
· Stress Factors in the organization.
· Risk factors in short, medium or long term basis.
Our platform can help with management suggestions based on risk methodologies to manage risk. 



Through the use of AI we generate behavior models based on employee’s behaviors that can help the company achieve its objectives and better results.

Our AI model allows us to incorporate data that influences the employees behaviors such as:

· Job Performance

· KPIs

· Factores externos.

People Analytics®


The data obtained can be incorporated to your selection profiles in order to make your system more intelligent and predictive according to the decisions made by the company

in order to help you profile your candidates in a more efficient manner and help you make the right decisions automatically helping your company to achieve better results through time.

We are the only platform for talent selection and management that has international certifications.


Through the use of AI,we generate models that help companies with specific needs such as identifying behavior patterns that help or can affect your business as well as make your tools more predictive and efficient.

High Potentials

Identify High Potential employees and follow up on their evolution as they progress in your organization.


Asses on time how and when your employees are stressing of having problems.

Position Assessment

We configure your position risk factors according to your campany’s needs.


Locate risk and colussion among members of your organization to prevent ilicit behavior.

Generating and Using Data

Anticipate new risk factors using data obtained by our evaluations.

Follow Up

Anticipate new risk factors using data obtained by our evaluations.